Teeth Whitening Dentist in Jackson, MI

Have you noticed that your smile is not as bright as it used to be? This may be due to diminished whiteness in your teeth. Thankfully our teeth whitening dentist and our staff at Summit Pointe Dental offer a safe and effective cosmetic dental procedure to brighten your teeth and smile. Professional teeth whitening in Jackson, MI, is a quick, simple technique that can improve your oral appearance and how you feel about your smile’s aesthetics.

What Are The Benefits of A Professional Teeth Whitening Procedure?

Our dentist has many cosmetic benefits to a professionally performed teeth whitening procedure. Of course, the obvious benefit is whiter teeth which will brighten the look of your mouth and smile. In addition, patients will notice a more youthful appearance with their brighter smile and an enhanced sense of confidence and well-being. Teeth whitening is a low-risk, high-reward cosmetic procedure that will feel like a positive investment in your personal and professional future.

What To Avoid After A Professional Dental Whitening Procedure?

Though our dentist in Jackson, MI, provides effective dental whitening procedures, it’s up to individual patients to avoid certain behaviors that can undermine how long it lasts. Patients should avoid food and drinks, such as coffee and wine, that are likely to stain teeth and cause discoloration. In addition, patients who have undergone professional teeth whitening should avoid smoking and any use of tobacco products. These habits will rapidly diminish the effectiveness of the whitening procedure.

Our teeth whitening dentist will instruct patients interested in teeth whitening to follow a daily oral hygiene regimen, including thorough brushing and flossing of their teeth and gums. This will extend the effects of teeth whitening near you and give your mouth a clean feel and a fresh look.

If your teeth look dull or discolored, Dr. Mark McFerran and the team at Summit Pointe Dental have a solution. Teeth whitening is a safe, effective cosmetic dental procedure that can restore a look of youthfulness and vitality to your smile. Please make an appointment with us today!