Teeth Grinding Relief in Jackson, MI

The medical term for the condition of grinding teeth is bruxism. Some patients grind their teeth while awake, but most do so at night while sleeping. This condition can lead to health problems and damage your teeth, requiring treatment with our dentist near you. If you need teeth grinding relief in Jackson, MI, our professional staff at Summit Pointe Dental has solutions.

Symptoms of Teeth Grinding

Patients who grind their teeth during sleep may not realize they have this condition until symptoms present themselves. Occasionally, someone sleeping nearby may hear you grinding your teeth and let you know. Other symptoms involve the condition of your teeth. For example, they may become fractured, chipped, or loosened. In addition, your teeth may become worn and flattened, which could cause tooth pain or sensitivity as the enamel is affected and the inner tooth layers are exposed. If you notice these symptoms, meet Dr. Mark McFerran to find teeth grinding relief near you.

Treatment for Teeth Grinding

Occasional or very mild teeth grinding may not harm a person’s health and, therefore, may not require treatment measures. However, it’s essential for patients who suffer from severe bruxism to get relief and treatment with our dentist in Jackson, MI. Frequent and prolonged teeth grinding can result in jaw, chronic headaches, damage to teeth, sleep disorders, and other concerns.

There are different approaches to treating bruxism, including therapies and medications. Certain dental procedures can prevent damage to teeth and alleviate bruxism symptoms. For example, dental splints and mouth guards are designed to fit over a patient’s upper or lower teeth to keep them separated and prevent the damage caused by teeth grinding. These devices can be worn at night while the patient sleeps. Other dental corrections may be necessary for patients with severely worn teeth, such as placing dental crowns.

Contact Dr. Mark McFerran and our dental care team at Summit Pointe Dental for more information about teeth grinding and finding relief from this condition. We are committed to your overall oral health and wellness.

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