Sedation Dentistry Near You in Jackson, MI | Painless Dentist

Many people do not like going to a dentist and putting it off for as long as possible. However, you should visit Dr. Mark McFerran at Summit Pointe Dentist once every six months if you want healthy teeth. For people who feel too nervous or scared to get exams or procedures, we offer sedation dentistry methods that will calm your nerves so that we can take care of their teeth.

Which Types of Anesthesia are available?

Most dentists have access to three types of anesthesia in their offices:

  • Laughing Gas
  • Oral or Conscious Sedation

Laughing Gas

In Jackson, MI, our dentist’s most common dental relaxation method uses laughing gas to relax their patients. They administer the gas by applying a mask over your nose and mouth so that you breathe it in—the gas-only needs 30 seconds to three or four minutes to take effect.

This form of sedation dentistry near you is given to children and adults to relax their nerves and reduce pain enough to receive shots to numb their gums and teeth. You are conscious throughout your dental procedure. Laughing gas wears off quickly, and adult patients can usually drive themselves home after their treatment.

Oral or Conscious Anesthesia

Oral relaxation involves receiving a pill or tablet to reduce anxiety and pain so that our dentist near you can proceed with a dental procedure. They may give patients medications at night and the next day to take effect about 30 minutes before their appointments.

This form of relaxation also involves staying awake during a procedure, but the pill takes a longer time to wear off. Have someone drive you back and forth to the procedure.

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