Root Canal Therapy in Jackson, MI | Endodontics

Dentistry advances techniques and procedures designed to restore a patient’s oral health and prevent tooth loss. In Jackson, MI, Root canal therapy is a treatment for patients at risk of losing one or more teeth to decay, disease, or injury. Our dentist near you will perform a root canal to restore your tooth health and prevent further oral health complications. Summit Pointe Dental has solutions if you are at risk of tooth loss.

Importance of Preventing Tooth Loss

Some patients may think that extracting a tooth is better than undergoing root canal therapy. However, it’s best to preserve a tooth to remain intact in the mouth when possible. Preventing tooth loss helps patients avoid shifting other teeth in the mouth to fill the tooth gap. In addition, preserving teeth will reduce the risk of any compromised oral function, such as eating and speaking.

Importance of Root Canal Therapy

One of the first indications that a patient has a tooth in need of root canal therapy is serious tooth pain that does not let up. Other signs include heightened tooth sensitivity, discoloration, and problems in the surrounding gum tissue. If patients show any of these symptoms, it’s essential to schedule an appointment with Dr. Mark McFerran to determine the source of the problem. If our dentist in Jackson, MI, recommends root canal therapy as a restorative measure, it’s important to schedule the procedure as soon as possible to avoid a worsening situation.

Our dental care team will explain the process of root canal therapy. Essentially, the inner soft tissue, or pulp, is removed from the tooth, which allows for a full cleaning of the inside of the tooth and its roots. This effectively removes bacteria and clears the infection to preserve and restore the tooth to health.

If you are suffering from intense and unrelenting tooth pain, root canal therapy near you may be the solution to restore your well-being. For more information, contact Dr. Mark McFerran at Summit Pointe Dental. Our professional team looks forward to getting you back to oral health.

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