Dental Extractions in Jackson, MI

A dental extraction is a technical term for professional tooth removal. Patients require extractions in Jackson, MI, for many reasons, including the possible removal of a stubborn baby tooth in childhood or wisdom teeth in young adulthood. Though preserving the teeth in your mouth are important, sometimes a dental extraction is unavoidable. If you require tooth extraction, Summit Pointe Dental is here to ensure the process goes smoothly.

What Takes Place During an Extraction?

If you need a tooth to be extracted and it has emerged through the gum, the process is simple. Dr. Mark McFerran will provide a local anesthetic to numb the area and prevent discomfort. Once that takes effect, special dental tools are used to loosen the tooth and remove it from its socket.

If the tooth extracted is still within the gum tissue, it’s impacted, and the extraction process is a bit more complex. Our dentist near you will provide all the information you need before your procedure is successful, including how to facilitate the healing process.

How Do I Recover from an Extraction?

For a simple extraction, the recovery is also simple. Dr. Mark McFerran will recommend limiting heavy physical activity for approximately a day or two. In addition, it’s advisable to eat soft foods during this time at room temperature. Because the empty socket where the tooth was removed must heal properly, drinking through a straw, smoking, or using tobacco products should be avoided for several days.

The recovery process may take longer for a more complicated extraction, such as impacted wisdom teeth. Our dental care team will ensure that you understand all the steps to take for the quickest and safest recovery possible, including being aware of excessive bleeding or swelling and how to address any complications.

Our dentist in Jackson, MI, offers extractions near you for patients needing professional removal of a tooth. If you need an extraction or want further information regarding this procedure, contact Dr. Mark McFerran at Summit Pointe Dental. We look forward to your next appointment!